Accessories #

  1. 185.00 USD

    This pendant of two rings is symbolic of the intimate and blood-bonding relationship between a mother and her children. Patterned like the rainbow such as beautiful gemstones, this pendant adds

  2. 158.00 USD

    Express your innermost affections for one another with this matching pair of titanium bracelets. rain or Shine, you two can wear these bracelets 24/7. Hers sparkles with a rhodolite gem

  3. 56.90 USD

    Intricately detailed with finely etched hearts and an enameled red heart, this Full of Love necklace represents all existing loves and the one that is unique to you. Also etched

  4. 150.00 USD

    Primitive and Wild, this animal tooth-shaped pendant is your entryway to a walk in the jungle. Polished to shine a gleaming black, this pendant features a silver top engraved with